The Process

We are here to help…..

Embroidery or Digital Printing? What is best for you?

Through embroidery you have several choices of wearable apparel creating a professional look for your business.

Through digital printing La Stitchery can produce a product that has the look of screen printing without the feel.

Once that is decided you can start looking through our online product catalog to find the item or apparel that will best represent the look of your company.

1. Go to our Online Order Form

2. Indicate the colors of your logo.

3. Indicate the dimensions of your logo.

4. La Stitchery will do a stitch-out and send you a picture for your approval along with a pricing for the embroidery.

5. Once approved you can select the apparel that you want the logo put on as well as the quantity needed.

So start with your company’s logo apparel today.